All entries below are actual customer testimonials received by The Australian Achiever Awards foundation, which rewards businesses for excellence in customer service, for which we won in 2004 and received high recommendation for the years 2003, 2005, and 2006.

" They are very approachable at Casey's and very helpful. They collect my cat and then return her when I get back from holiday. They are caring and the cat is looked after extremely well - papered, in fact. I am very happy with the service and would recommend them to anyone "

" I am more than satisfied with Casey's. I checked out several catteries, which were of a very poor standard, prior to Casey's and was most impressed when seeing what they had to offer. They have excellent facilities, the cats have a heater in winter, clean surroundings, access to a private court yard and gardens just like home. The owner adores pets and is very professional and caring "

" We travel 60 kilometers to place our cats at Casey's because we are so impressed with them. We keep going back because we are so impressed with the service and facility - we are willing to travel to get the best for our animals. The staff are very friendly, professional, and the cats get all the comforts of home with individual heat lamps, scratching poles and individual outdoor access "

"They really treat the cats like family - it's just amazing. they are very compassionate, lovely people. The premises is very clean and has a wonderful atmosphere. Their care and attention really gives me peace of mind "

" We really looked a long time to find a cattery which lets the cats outside. I'm so glad I found Casey's, they are excellent. The atmosphere is really warm and friendly with a cosy ambience. My cat always comes back very contented and happy "

" They are the best I've ever been to, like a five star hotel. they go beyond the call of duty and nursed my sick cat with great compassion while I was away. I rave to all my friends about them. they treat every cat as if it was their own - very caring "

" I trust them with all my heart. I would never go anywhere else. They really care for our cats. Great pickup and delivery service. They are very dedicated "

" They are just fabulous. Prompt and caring. even gave us photo's of the cats and sent us a text message during their stay. Just superb "

" It's a great place. They show humanity towards the cats. It really, really shows they love them. they are ahead of everyone else "

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